This segment continues our series discussing Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl's case, including the many personnel and management issues involved, as it's examined in the podcast "Serial."

In Episode 3 of the Serial podcast, we hear about Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl's first year in captivity as he was held by members of the Taliban, including two attempts to escape and being thrust in front of a video camera for his first propaganda videos.

The participation in the videos seemed like a violation of the Army's code of conduct to some, but as it turns out, getting captured by the enemy – even if it was because you walked off your post – may be more complicated than those rules dictate in the PowerPoint presentation given to soldiers during training, the podcast suggested.

In making the videos, Bergdahl's captors held guns to his head, and Army leaders know "you are not expected to die while making a video" even if participating does violate Army rules, said Serial host Sarah Koenig.

We also hear more about Bergdahl's early days of captivity, in which he was constantly shifted around as the U.S. search effort fanned out across Afghanistan and he faced torture, abuse and neglect. We additionally learn that after he was rescued, Bergdahl underwent significant intelligence debriefing during his recovery process.

The next episode of Serial airs Jan. 7.