Battlefield Tech

To help soldiers maintain an information advantage on the battlefield and stay in touch with their commanders, they need the best technology. We describe what’s happening with IT and networks, command and control systems, and links to space.

How the Pentagon is harnessing 5G for the future fight
The Defense Department’s 5G strategy is written with a sense of urgency: The nations “that master advanced communications technologies and ubiquitous connectivity will have a long-term economic and military advantage,” its unclassified, public pages read.
Why the Army CIO wants data upgrades now
“You could have the world’s best weapon systems, you could have the world’s best army,” Chief Information Officer Raj Iyer said. “But our advantage in the future is going to be how well and how quickly we’re able to synthesize” data and share it.
How the Space Force is working with US allies
Director of the Space Force’s International Affairs Directorate Deanna Ryals says the organization aims to serve as a “front door” for Space Systems Command's work with international partners and to ensure that as the command develops and acquires new systems and architectures, it does so with allies in mind.
US Army wraps review of ‘future battlespace’ network tools
“In previous wars, the difference between a good decision and a bad decision may be minutes,” the general said. “In the future battlespace, that difference between a good decision and a bad decision may be seconds or milliseconds.”
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