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How drone swarms could change urban warfare [Commentary]
The range of challenges in urban environments is broad. The enemy defender generally has the advantage. To take back the initiative, the Army should deploy current drone technologies to empower soldiers to address some of the fundamental challenges of urban warfare.
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Solving the challenges of change [Commentary]
Change is not easy and what the Army has been undertaking with its network strategy can best be described as a paradigm shift. However, wideband technology is a game changer and we should sprint forward to put this capability in the hands of the war fighter. So how and why aren’t we closer to success?
Getting — and staying — one step ahead
Are existing policies and regulations impeding our military’s and intelligence community’s ability to respond and react in a near-real time manner that is a fundamental requirement today?
The issue of singularity
Multiple technologies are emerging that individually will change multiple aspects of military operations. That is one of the areas where the issue of singularity becomes much more acute.
The business of national cybersecurity
With all the attention over cyberthreats, one would think the business of national cybersecurity would be very robust. Well, that depends who you talk to.
The complexity of developing a cyber defense strategy
For decades, our adversaries have been and continue to constantly seek new ways to compete with the United States on a much more level battlefield. Cyber has much, if not all, of what they have been looking for.
A change to the cyberthreat
How do you make decisions when you do not know what data is real and what data has been manipulated?
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