Artificial Intelligence

The Pentagon is turning to artificial intelligence to solve logistics and battlefield problems with the hopes of accelerating operations. To stay up on the latest advances, read here.

US and India launch talks about military AI
"It’s clear India has got an interest in bringing AI into national security,” said Jack Shanahan, a retired Air Force lieutenant general and former director of the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center. “So, this is a good chance for the two defense departments to work together.”
NORTHCOM wants millions more for AI and data handling
U.S. Northern Command has asked Congress for almost $30 million to buy information technology equipment and to optimize infrastructure for artificial intelligence and machine learning at its joint operations center with the North American Aerospace Defense Command.
Pentagon taps LMI, MORSE for AI data deal
The Data Readiness Artificial Intelligence Development initiative spans “the entire AI data preparation lifecycle, from data ingestion, through labeling, right up to before model training begin,” according to the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center.
Israel unveils artificial intelligence strategy for armed forces
Reports indicate artificial intelligence played a key role in the Israel conflict with Hamas in Gaza in May 2021, and artificial intelligence is increasingly being incorporated into systems developed by Israeli defense companies, such as rifles, bombs and other systems.
Artificial intelligence brain circuit board
The role of AI in open source intelligence
Today’s AI-enabled platforms empower intelligence analysts to leverage OSINT as the foundation that can help uncover hidden threats, corroborate classified reporting, and pinpoint the targets that warrant resource-intensive, traditional intelligence gathering.
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