Artificial Intelligence

The Pentagon is turning to artificial intelligence to solve logistics and battlefield problems with the hopes of accelerating operations. To stay up on the latest advances, read here.

Why Martell left Lyft for Pentagon’s top AI job
“So when the deputy secretary of defense calls you up and says, ‘We would like you to take this job,’ you have to think really hard about why you wouldn’t take the job, and not the other way around.”
NATO launches AI initiative to ensure tech advantage
NATO defense ministers in October adopted the alliance’s first-ever artificial intelligence strategy, a summary of which described the capability as “changing the global defence and security environment.”
What war in Ukraine reveals about information age conflict
Questions that need asking and topics that need addressing across the Department of Defense, Lt. Gen. Michael Groen said, include “the transformation of the character of warfare in an information age” and what that means for capabilities being developed or gear that is purchased.
US and India launch talks about military AI
"It’s clear India has got an interest in bringing AI into national security,” said Jack Shanahan, a retired Air Force lieutenant general and former director of the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center. “So, this is a good chance for the two defense departments to work together.”
NORTHCOM wants millions more for AI and data handling
U.S. Northern Command has asked Congress for almost $30 million to buy information technology equipment and to optimize infrastructure for artificial intelligence and machine learning at its joint operations center with the North American Aerospace Defense Command.
Pentagon taps LMI, MORSE for AI data deal
The Data Readiness Artificial Intelligence Development initiative spans “the entire AI data preparation lifecycle, from data ingestion, through labeling, right up to before model training begin,” according to the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center.
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