Raytheon has developed a prototype system for managing the floods of satellite data that help generate warnings and intelligence information for combatants and eventually, civilian first responders and researchers.
Keeping an Eye on Space

Raytheon is making satellite data available to those who need it more quickly than ever before, regardless of where it comes from.

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5G: The Future Network

Explore our ongoing coverage of the wireless technologies that could transform the military.

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A panel of experts explore PNT vulnerabilities, and what’s needed for assured PNT in the most challenging of environments

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Who’s in the loop? Understanding Army automation and artificial intelligence

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This month's episode: Too big to fail? Companies are far ahead of their peers, so who will the government turn to?

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Countering the North Korean missile threat

SpaceX launched a classified satellite code named "Zuma." The initial stages of the mission seemed to go as planned, but now it appears there may have been a serious problem with Zuma's deployment.

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