• Simplifying Security in Multi-Cloud Environments

    Multi-cloud environments are clearly here to stay. Yet, there is no standardization across them. Each CSP has its own set of application programming interfaces (APIs) and mechanisms for the control and management of its services, including development. Successful DevOps across CSP platforms requires development team agility and also a new approach to security.

  • Webcast: What’s Next for Army PNT

    At Project Convergence 2020, the Army conducted the most high-profile test of its beyond-line-of-sight targeting capability, taking data from on orbit sensors, transforming that into targeting data, and feeding it to the best fires system. During this episode of C4ISRNET’s “Removing Stovepipes” webcast series, we asked how the capability has improved ahead of this year’s event and look at the role of new position, navigation and timing technologies for this project.

  • Webcast: AI Capabilities

    During this episode of C4ISRNET’s “Removing Stovepipes” Office Hours Webcast Series, we talked with the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center and discussed the organization’s work, upcoming projects and the theme of the series, reducing stovepipes. This conversation looked at the operational uses for AI today, what obstacles still remain and how the JAIC is working with offices throughout DoD to add new AI capabilities.

  • Ensuring Decision Superiority

    Accelerating the speed at which we collect, analyze and use data is critical to out-performing tomorrow’s threats. Learn how we’re making it possible.

  • Webcast: Electromagnetic Spectrum Superiority

    In this session, we discussed the new Electromagnetic Spectrum Superiority Strategy, what it means and the Department’s vision for gaining and maintaining the advantage in the electromagnetic spectrum against near-peer nation state competitors.