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In this webcast, C4ISRNET examined how DoD transform existing installations into military smart bases that can empower and protect their personnel.
Q&A: The State of Hypersonics
The potential of hypersonic weapons has military leaders rethinking everything they knew about missiles.
Webcast: Smart Bases for Defense
C4ISRNET examined how DoD plans to establish a network of ‘smart bases’ and their recent efforts to transform existing installations into military.
Webcast: JADC2 in 2022
In this Removing Stovepipes, C4ISRNET looked at where the JADC2 initiative is now and upcoming major milestones on the journey to implementation.
Accelerating the Zero Trust Journey in Federal Government
Zero Trust is a strategic approach to cybersecurity that secures an organization by eliminating implicit trust and continuously validating every stage of digital interaction. It’s a way for government agencies and departments to build resilience into their IT environments. Read on to learn more.
Webcast: Crisis Communications
A look at the communications needs of the National Guard, its existing critical infrastructure and what the Guard needs to ensure that every state’s Guard has the communications resources.
Webcast: Data for Joint Operations
C4ISRNET explored service-led initiatives to improve data management in the cloud, such as the Army’s Enterprise Cloud Management Agency, the Navy’s new cloud computing policy, and the Air Force’s migration to a cloud environment last year.
Delivering systems faster, smarter
What used to take months, perhaps years, to design is now being achieved in a matter of weeks in many cases.It’s all enabled through a concept known as digital engineering, a holistic approach to designing, developing and testing defense systems in virtual environments before any part hits the production line. And engineers at Raytheon Intelligence & Space, a Raytheon Technologies business, are no strangers to digital engineering.
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