This event happened on January 13, 2023

As the United States military moves to information management systems that allow for real-time data sharing between units, commands and even each branch of the service, dependable cloud-based technology is needed to collect, organize and manage data.The Department of Defense (DoD) is making significant investments in cloud computing, including the Artificial Intelligence and Data Acceleration initiative, the Joint Warfighter Cloud Capability and the Joint All-Domain Command and Control initiative, which will allow each branch of the service to share data with other branches in real-time. These initiatives require centralized storage that is accessible regardless of where forces are deployed. The data would be a goldmine for rogue actors and adversaries, meaning security is paramount. As secrecy increases, so does the need for tighter security and restricted access, but that security must be balanced with giving stakeholders access to the information they need. In this Removing Stovepipes webcast, C4ISRNET looked at how data is influencing decision making on the battlefield, what the military needs to meet its data-sharing goals and the processes involved in making cloud-based data management a reality.

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Guest Speakers:

  • Greggory (Gregg) Judge, Acting Director, Enterprise Cloud Management Agency (ECMA)
  • Derek Strausbaugh, Senior Director, Mission Solutions, Microsoft Federal