Success in the modern battlespace relies on more than advanced weaponry. It demands a convergence of mission data that will outperform any adversary’s decision-making capabilities. This level of decision dominance requires mission data to be connected, secured, and analyzed throughout the mission chain.

DTECH’s edge compute and networking solutions enable assured data access across platforms and echelons to accelerate battlespace decision-making.

Achieve the decision advantage with DTECH edge technologies that are:

  • Mission-Engineered: Built for the edge with powerful computing and networking capabilities.
  • Mission-Proven: Deployed and trusted solutions, enabling data-centric operations.
  • Mission-Forward: Focused on innovation to address evolving threats and future mission needs.

DTECH edge compute and networking products are rugged, scalable, and easy to use, making them ideal for the modern battlespace. They enable seamless, data-centric operations across all domains ensuring warfighters can make faster and better-informed decisions for improved mission outcomes.

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