This event happened on May 20, 2024

As the United States defense and intelligence communities continue to collect more and more data from a growing pool of sources, they need tools to help them evaluate and manage it to make it useful instead of overwhelming. Tools such as artificial intelligence can help organize and manage data, while searching for patterns or key search terms faster than humans can, while cloud services can help distribute information widely while keeping it secure. But human analysts are still needed to evaluate and make sense of what has been collected in a timely manner. That means building tools that can augment and support human skillsets, not replace them. In this webcast, C4ISRNET explored the tools available to help manage and evaluate data, the skillsets needed to get the most from those tools and what the future of AI-supported data collection looks like.

Watch Recording:

In this C4ISRNET webcast, Col. Matthew Strohmeyer discusses how the U.S. military can collect, manage and evaluate data to make timely decisions.

Guest Speakers:

  • Col. Matthew D. Strohmeyer, Joint All-Domain Command and Control Experimentation Division Chief, Chief Digital and AI Office (CDAO)
  • Derek Strausbaugh, DoD Mission Team Leader, Microsoft