Revision’s new ComCentr2 Tactical Headset System is fully digital, allowing an operator to manipulate and adjust audio in the headset, according to Chris Moore, the director of systems architecture for Revision.

The headset, unlike most of Revision’s competitors, comes with two front and back microphones, helping reduce “front and back confusion,” giving a U.S. soldier more situational awareness on the battlefield, Moore explained.

The headset also incorporates Digital Active Noise Reduction, or ANR technology, which protects operators from low frequency noise generated by U.S. military vehicles like helicopters, Strykers, Humvees, and tanks, according to Moore.

The technology also helps filter out the noise, allowing for crisper and clearer audio, a feature vital for today’s military battlefields.

Revision’s new headset provides a truly 3D spatial listening environment, reducing the need for U.S. troops to listen to multiple communications nets, according to Moore.

The headset is powered by a single AA battery.

U.S. special operations forces commonly use Peltor headsets on today’s battlefield.