C4ISRNET recently spoke with Lisa Sanders, Director of Science and Technology at USSOCOM, and Scott Newbern, Vice President and CTO at AeroVironment. On this webcast they discussed the latest industry trends and news in a contextually relevant environment.

A conversation with USSOCOM, sponsored by AeroVironment.
Guest Speakers
  • Ms. Lisa Sanders, Director of Science and Technology, USSOCOM
  • Scott Newbern, Vice President and CTO, AeroVironment
  • Mike Gruss, Executive Editor, C4ISRNET & Defense News

Special Operations Command’s science and technology leaders have an ambitious agenda. They want to bring the internet of things to the battlefield with their future war fighting concept known as the Hyper Enabled Operator. That idea is about feeding data to the operator to help them make better decisions.

In addition, they’ve considered how to find enemy drones and how to equip unmanned vehicles with ISR and electronic warfare payloads. And they’re examining a series of emerging areas such as biotechnologies/human interface; network and data management; next-generation precision strike; next-generation tactical ISR; and next-generation mobility.

In this webcast, Lisa Sanders discussed these priorities, how they fit together and how industry can best help Special Operations Command meet these goals.