The government has awarded Bluestaq a contract worth as much as $37.5 million to expand a space situational awareness database that integrates information used for air, space and multi-domain operations, the company announced Oct. 29.

The Unified Data Library is a scalable space situational awareness repository stored in a cloud and a combined effort by the Air Force Research Laboratory, Space and Missile Systems Center, and the Air Force Space Command. The database is a collection of tracking data of objects in space, from military satellites to space debris. Eventually, the library will fuse data from all types of sensors for Air Force command and control needs, with different levels of data accessible via security classification.

The Unified Data Library is a key part of Air Force Space Command’s new enterprise data strategy. Historically, military data has been stored in stovepiped systems that are cut off from each other, making it difficult for a user to access all of the data needed for a mission. The UDL solves this by providing a single portal where users can access all the data that has already been collected and fused together.

Bluestaq was issued a Phase I Small Business Innovation Research award in 2018 for research and development of the platform. The Phase III sole source contract will continue the company’s efforts on the project and expand the library to integrate data from commercial, foreign, DoD and intelligence community sources to support space, air and multi-domain operations. The Phase III contract is for a 12 month base period with two 12 month options.

“Bluestaq is thrilled to continue supporting SMC’s Special Programs Division and the Data Program Management Office on the Unified Data Library," said Andy Hofle, Bluestaq’s chief engineer and co-Founder. “It has been exciting to see the growing community interest in the data management platform over the last 18 months, and our team has had a tremendous amount of fun playing a role in the development of the project.”

Bluestaq is a technology start up company based in Colorado Springs, Colorado that launched in 2018.

Bluestaq is also on contract with the Air Force to develop the Enterprise Ground Services.

Nathan Strout covers space, unmanned and intelligence systems for C4ISRNET.

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