Webcast: Data at the Tactical Edge
In this panel, C4ISRNET asked Army leaders about their priorities to connect soldiers with combat clouds and networks that will change warfare by bringing computing and analysis to the battlefield.
Webcast: Making the Most of Project Convergence
Project Convergence is an exercise that will test the sharing of targeting data among the Army’s newest weapons. But to make all of this happen service leaders need the right network, the right information technology and the right concepts. In this session, we will explore what happened, what kind of hardware and software is necessary and what kind of modernization must take place to be successful.
Webcast: Understanding the Air Force’s Digital Connective Tissue
During this webcast, we discussed the service’s plans for digital architecture, data standards and the role of software in connecting the Air Force’s weapons through the Advanced Battle Management System and the JADC2 concept. What technical challenges do officials still need to overcome and what kind of momentum is in place to change how the Air Force thinks about these problems?