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How drone swarms could change urban warfare [Commentary]
The range of challenges in urban environments is broad. The enemy defender generally has the advantage. To take back the initiative, the Army should deploy current drone technologies to empower soldiers to address some of the fundamental challenges of urban warfare.
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Solving the challenges of change [Commentary]
Change is not easy and what the Army has been undertaking with its network strategy can best be described as a paradigm shift. However, wideband technology is a game changer and we should sprint forward to put this capability in the hands of the war fighter. So how and why aren’t we closer to success?
Talk is cheap — what we need is more action
As Sen. John McCain said: “Threats to the United States in cyberspace continue to grow in scope and severity. But our nation remains woefully unprepared to address these threats, which will be a defining feature of 21st century warfare.”
DoD must act like a startup [Commentary]
Given the dynamics of the cyberthreat environment, we must change and adapt to this environment immediately — or risk failing and falling behind. Perhaps part of the answer to this issue is for the defense and intelligence organization and industry players to think of themselves and more importantly act like a startup!
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