Soldiers with patches from South Carolina National Guard's 218th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade stand in line near the White House on June 3, 2020. (Kyle Rempfer/Staff)
Protests, a pandemic and evidence of a hybrid war

The unrest and riots that erupted in the wake of George Floyd protests are evidence that a full-scale hybrid war is being waged against the United States, aimed at undermining their geopolitical leadership.

U.S. Special Operations Command is working to incorporate its own payloads into DARPA's project Blackjack, an effort to demonstrate the military utility of low earth orbit satellites. (DARPA)
Special Operations Command is diving into space

SOCOM is looking into putting its own cubesats on orbit, but its also looking into hosted payloads with other constellations, from DARPA's project Blackjack to commercial satellites like Starlink or OneWeb.

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