Moog Inc. has been chosen to supply the flight control actuation for the Tern UAV project.

Moog was selected by Northrop Grumman to supply the "flight control actuation system for the full-scale demonstration aircraft, including flight control actuators, actuator-control electronics and accessories," according to a Moog news release.

"The Moog flight control system includes redundant actuation for vertical take-off and landing and cruise flight," the company said. "Moog also intends to provide proprietary actuator-control electronics and flight-critical software under the development program. The Moog solution leverages heritage, proven designs to minimize program risk and reduce lead times, with initial product deliveries scheduled for under 12 months from contract award."

Tern is a collaboration between DARPA and the Office of Naval Research to develop a vertical takeoff and landing UAV that can be launched and recovered from small ships.