• RCO: Electronic warfare capability hits European soil

    The Army’s Rapid Capabilities Office has sent its near-term electronic warfare capability solution to Europe, and soldiers there will get a chance to put it to the test this summer, said RCO Director Doug Wiltsie.

  • SBIRS (Courtesy Lockheed Martin)
    What is the Army doing to assure GPS and navigation?

    All domains of war will be contested. This is the notion of multi-domain battle. And it includes the GPS signals that the military and the commercial world — think everyday navigation for ride-hailing app Uber — are so reliant upon for location and timing of operations.

  • Defense intelligence has opportunity to be ‘reimagined’

    With the goal of providing military commanders and policy-makers with the best possible analysis, defense intelligence has reached a point where innovations in information technology and cyber present an opportunity to drastically reimagine the entire enterprise, according to a Defense Intelligence Agency expert.

  • Elite 6 GEOINT Winner: Crowdsourcing disaster response

    Through the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency’s NSG Mapping Enclave, known as NOME, crowdsourcing campaigns have had a positive effect on NGA’s humanitarian relief and disaster response and special mission planning efforts.

  • Elite 6 Mobility Winner: Tracking friend or foe in the palm of your hand

    With the new version of the Target Handoff System, Marines will obtain a lightweight device equipped to provide immediate situational awareness on where friendly and enemy locations are, and the ability to hand off target data to fire support to get quick effects on the battlefield.