BAE Systems has been awarded a $3.9 million Navy contract for its Lock-on Naval Electro-optic/infrared Sensor System (LockNESS).

BAE will develop a customized variant of LockNESS for the Office of Naval Research, which will use the equipment in its Combined EO/IR Surveillance and Response System (CESARS) program, according to a BAE news release.

CESARS aims to develop an electro-optical shipboard defense system to protect surface ships from anti-ship missiles, unmanned aircraft and fast-attack small craft.

"With a wide field-of-view, the LockNESS maritime defense system integrates with existing onboard sensors to monitor the surrounding area with advanced algorithms and tracking software to create a 360-degree visual threat picture," BAE said. "This seamless integration with the sensor suite allows operators to track multiple threats simultaneously with a visual display track map to allow for man-in-the-loop evaluation. Using this advanced intelligence, operators have a distinct advantage in the battle space with aided decision support that helps to eliminate human error."