SOCOM asks for tripwire motion sensors

U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) wants a camera with motion sensing capabilities that can be placed in front of friendly positions.

The goal is a day and night camera with a motion sensor that can be forward-emplaced and controlled by wire or wireless to a small handheld display, according to the SOCOM research proposal.

Resource: Read the proposal

"The remote sensor must be hand emplaced and include a small day/night capable camera that is staring or scanning with a motion detector," SOCOM said. "The day/night camera must be waterproof and capable of identifying details of dress, weapons, and activity of the approaching personnel."

More specific parameters include the ability to "detect and identify approaching personnel during day or night in a 45-degree (Threshold), 60-degree (Objective) field of view at a range of 45 meters (Threshold), 75 meters (Objective)."

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