Better algorithms are on the way to improve the ability of software to automatically sift through imagery, Department of Defense officials said at a recent conference.

“By the end of the calendar year, the department will field advanced computer algorithms onto government platforms to extract objects from massive amounts of moving or still imagery,” according to an American Forces Press Service news release.

“People and computers will work symbiotically to increase the ability of weapon systems to detect objects,” said Marine Corps Col. Drew Cukor, chief of the Algorithmic Warfare Cross-Function Team in the Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Operations Directorate-Warfighter Support in the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence. “Eventually we hope that one analyst will be able to do twice as much work, potentially three times as much, as they’re doing now. That’s our goal.”

Cukor said the focus is on detecting 38 classes of objects that are deemed important, especially those involving Islamic State insurgents in Iraq and Syria.

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