Former space acquisitions official retired Major General Roger Teague will serve as the CEO of PredaSAR, a new satellite company specializing in synthetic aperture radar, the company announced Mar. 2.

Before retiring in 2017 and joining the Boeing Company’s Space and Launch Systems division, Teague served as the director of space programs for the Air Force’s Office of the Assistant Secretary for Acquisition. In that position, Teague directed development and purchasing for Air Force space programs. Teague worked closely on a number of major military satellite programs since his commissioning in 1986, including commanding the 4th Space Operations Squadron and the Space-Based Infrared Systems Space Group and Space Wing.

Now Teague will lead PredaSAR, whose stated desire is to build and operate the world’s largest commercial Synthetic Aperture Radar satellite constellation. Unlike optical sensors, SAR satellites create images with radar, allowing the satellites to collect data and create imagery regardless of weather or lighting conditions. SAR can also be used to detect data that goes beyond optical imagery, including material properties, moisture content, precise movements, and elevation. SAR can create either 2D or 3D images.

Established in 2019, PredaSAR completed a $25 million seed financing round, the company announced March 2. That money will be used to build and launch two SAR satellites.

"PredaSAR has been carefully planning and developing the very best commercial SAR satellite system capabilities, while building an incredible leadership team,” said Teague in a statement. “We are completely focused on our intent to clearly observe the surface of the Earth, anywhere and at any time, so that we can provide actionable data to government and commercial customers. We are excited for PredaSAR’s future as we rapidly prepare to deliver compelling SAR products and services to our clients.”

Nathan Strout covers space, unmanned and intelligence systems for C4ISRNET.

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