In a ceremony held at the Pentagon Conference Center July 7, Air Force Col. Douglas S. Shahan took over the position of 14th commander for the Defense Information Systems Agency’s Joint Staff Support Center. 

Shahan, a recent graduate of the National Defense University, assumed command from Army Col. Stephen M. Murphy and brings over two decades of military service to the post.

Shahan will lead the JSSC in its evolving mission to provide diverse command, control, communications, computer, intelligence systems, information assurance, multimedia and visual information, continuity of operations and communications watch support to the National Military Command Center, the Joint Staff, and other senior Department of Defense war fighters worldwide.

“The command and control capabilities you provide are vital to national leadership decision-making that impacts operations across the entire globe,” he told the Defense Information Systems Agency News. “It’s my honor to join your ranks as we continue your vital mission for the nation with pride, professionalism, and passion.”