RedSeal has been awarded a $33.8 million DISA contract for network modeling. 

"DISA will use RedSeal to model and continuously monitor the infrastructure of the Joint Regional Security Stacks (JRSS), provide visibility into network segmentation and measure overall resiliency to deliver risk based situational awareness," a RedSeal news release said.

DISA will provide RedSeal modeling for all U.S. Army networks, U.S. Air Force boundary networks and several Combatant Command networks.  

"The JRSS stacks are located at strategic military installations around the world, creating a massive, varied and dispersed network that supports critical military services. Its resilience is a matter of international security," said RedSeal Vice President Kimberly Baker. "From Fort Meade, the Joint Management Program monitors, manages and controls DoD digital operations all over the world. They need effective metrics to understand the real-time health of the global network, and RedSeal proved to be the best choice for ensuring its resilience under relentless probing and attack."