Army testing more mobile WIN-T

The Army is testing upgraded Warfighter Information Network-Tactical (WIN-T) Increment 2 capabilities.

The Tactical Communications Node-Lite (TCN-L) and the Network Operations and Security Center-Lite (NOSC-L) are installed on Humvees instead of larger Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles, according to a General Dynamics news release. This allows "a greatly reduced footprint and improved transportability for expeditionary operations (C-130 roll-on/roll off and CH-47 sling loadable)," General Dynamics said.

"The TCN-L and NOSC-L provide the same networking and network management capability to command posts while reducing the complexity to install, operate and maintain the Army's mobile tactical communications network," the company said.

General Dynamics has delivered four TCN-Ls and two NOSC-Ls for Army testing in preparation for the Army Network Integration Evaluation 17.2 in 2017. 

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