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In case of disaster, US and Singapore may turn to AI

The Defense Department announced a partnership between the U.S. and Singapore’s military intelligence organizations that would use artificial intelligence for humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.

The Pentagon’s Joint Artificial Intelligence Center and Singapore’s Defense Science and Technology Agency (DSTA) made the announcement June 27 before the Singapore Defense Technology Summit.

“This partnership between JAIC and DSTA will foster the use of AI capabilities to enhance defense operations as well as help save lives and livelihood by reducing search and discovery time frames, enabling more informed and timely resourcing decisions. In turn, more effective rescue and relief operations can be conducted during times of crisis when every moment counts," according to a Defense Department press release.

Earthquakes, tsunamis, and tropical cyclones are common in the Asia-Pacific area and this partnership will use AI technology to assist rescuers after a disaster.

The partnership is exclusively for humanitarian assistance and disaster relief today, but the two organizations discussed future collaborations with artificial intelligence as well, according to the release.

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