Maneuver commanders can expect to stop worrying about network limitations as the Joint Battle Command โ€“ Platform becomes more and more capable, said COL Mark Elliott, director of LandWarNet Mission Command.

Speaking during a C4ISR & Networks roundtable discussion, Elliott said the goal is to provide commanders with all of the robust network capabilities they need with as little work or expertise required on the commander's part as possible.

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To set up a mobile command post, for example, "Today he's got to run a few cables," Elliott said. "We want to get to a point where he doesn't even have to run the cables."

In the past, commanders had to take into account the network's limitations and reach as they planned their maneuvers. "We're trying to take that constraint out of the equation, so that the commander how is only constrained by his imagination and what they are trying to accomplish in that particular mission."

Elliott said he believes the technology is catching up to the needs. "We're on the cusp of changing the way we view how we fight," he said.