AeroVironment has unveiled a new secure digital video and data receiver for use with its line of small unmanned aircraft systems.

The Pocket DDL AE is a ruggedized unit that provides access to digital data link networks for a family of systems including the RQ-11B Raven, RQ-12 Wasp, RQ-20A Puma, RQ-20B Puma and Snipe Nano UAS. It is an open-architecture system with a USB interface and XML messaging.

“This enables apps designed for special purposes, such as tactical operations, search and rescue, asset tracking, long-range communications, mission command, and targeting to use Pocket DDL AE to employ small UAS to help perform their tasks more effectively,” said an AeroVironment news release.

The radio can operate on the U.S. military’s new M1, M2 and M5 frequencies.

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