The Army is looking to mount fire-control radar and cameras on UAVs that can detect other airborne drones.

The goal is to create small man-portable UAVs that troops can use on the spot to detect and track hostile drones, rather than having to call in aircraft or other support to identify the target. The data can then be relayed to friendly weapons that can destroy the airborne intruder.

"A radar system mounted on a UAV will provide high fidelity radar information to Blue forces on forward observation missions," according to an Army research proposal. "The actionable intelligence gathered from this detailed radar track information will allow for timely decisions on how to react to any potential airborne threats. Operators will be able to request visual confirmation from the UAV's onboard camera system prior to engaging the threat."

However, the proposal also notes that size, weight and power considerations will be key to installing fire control radar on a small UAV.