Russia's new Armata tank will come with its own unmanned aircraft.

The Armata has already grabbed attention with its highly automated design, in which the turret is unmanned and the three-man crew sits in the hull. Now, manufacturer Uralvagonzavod intends to package a UAV with the vehicle, according to the RT news site.

"It is a necessary element at a tactical level," Uralvagonzavod director Oleg Sienko said. "It is very hard to move forward in the column 'without eyes;' that's why the UAV is provided there and we will be actively introducing it."

RT reported: "It is not yet known which UAV will be used to fit into the vehicle, but it will certainly be one made in Russia, Sienko said, adding that it is for the Russian Defense Ministry to decide which device to choose as it runs the trials."

The Armata — a family of armored vehicles that can be built as tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and other versions — is now under development. The first batch of 20 tanks will be delivered to the Russian military in 2016 or 2017, RT said.

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