Israeli firm General Robotics has unveiled its Less-Lethal Weapon module for its DOGO robot.

The LLW has a variety of non-lethal capabilities to assist special forces and police using the 22-pound DOGO. These include a remote-controlled pepper spray with a range of 18 feet, and a bright light to daze targets.

“With the DOGO LLW module, the system enables the special forces full discretion of the lethality level that is to be used under the circumstances, as activating an accurate lethal or less lethal weapon can be done by a push of a button,“said a General Robotics news release.

“From an operational point of view, the use of less-lethal enables the attacker to be neutralized with minimum collateral damage, and with the functional capability of being able to interrogate the attacker.”

The 10 Kg DOGO is a hand-held robot that can be used in anti-terror, hostage rescue, close-quarter combat, fatal funnel clearance, urban warfare, tunnels, ISR and target detection.