DoD to host solutions meeting

In a recent announcement, the Department of Defense said it will solicit outside ideas and solutions in a number of categories. The Rapid Reaction Technology Office supporting the Joint Improvised-Threat Defeat Agency posted an announcement on the Federal Business Opportunities website this week notifying members of industry of plans to conduct a solutions meeting in December.

This meeting, the notice said, will allow selected innovative companies to make short technical presentations to the government for potential pilot projects or experimentation if their solutions match particular needs.

The needs include topics such as standoff detection/sensors, device neutralization, counter vehicle attached IEDs (VAIEDs), electronic countermeasures for advanced wireless signals and techniques, robotics, data analytics/predictive algorithms, counter tunnel and mapping technologies and biometric signature collection and exploitation.

A few examples of specific projects or capabilities the notice lists:
-- Magnetic, adhesive, or other materials that can prevent the attachment of IEDs to vehicles
-- Techniques to block, scatter, or prevent signals from triggering identified or unidentified IEDs
-- Small unmanned aerial, ground and underwater vehicles (UAVs, UGVs, and UUVs) and other novel platforms
-- Detection and defeat of non-friendly UAVs, UGVs, and UUVs
-- Counter autonomy technology for non-friendly actors
-- Recognize behaviors, patterns, and context under the guise of data analytics and predictive algorithms
-- Gather, sift, filter, clean and/or fuse data automatically
-- Improve open source information quality and decrease uncertainty
-- Improve tunnel detection range and depth
-- Communicate with and geolocate cooperative objects in a tunnel
-- Robotics and/or trained biological organism techniques to detect (and search) tunnels and IED threats
-- Ensure signature reliability across diverse sample sets (age, ethnicity, gender, etc.) under the guise of biometric signature collection

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