Thought Leadership

An array of perspectives and messages from thought leaders in the defense IT and C4ISRNET community.
The Pentagon needs a plan to get punched in the mouth
A researcher explains how China and Russia channel boxer Mike Tyson through strategies that attack U.S. military information and command systems and exploit the resulting cognitive and psychological disruption.
Shield AI unmanned systems
Closing the gap to win the AI marathon
Fortunately for the U.S., the race for AI superiority with China is not a sprint. An industry expert shares ideas for how Washington can come out ahead in the long run.
The key to securing the defense industrial base is collaboration
It is no longer acceptable to rely on incident response protocols, performance assessments of existing systems and one-off reactions to threats without coordination. Increased information sharing is key to staying one step ahead of our adversaries.
Protests, a pandemic and evidence of a hybrid war
The unrest and riots that erupted in the wake of George Floyd protests are evidence that a full-scale hybrid war is being waged against the United States, aimed at undermining their geopolitical leadership.
Defending national security in an era of remote work
Balancing productivity with the need to defend national security over a period of upcoming months, if not years, represents a challenge and opportunity as DoD personnel turn to commercially available telework tools.
War rhetoric surrounds COVID surveillance
Technology policy has itself been warped by an overuse of misleading Cold War analogies and that's evident in the recent language surrounding the pandemic.
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