Tactical Networks

Special Report: Inside CECOM
Maj. Gen. Randy Taylor says he thought of CECOM as “the ones who rebuilt comm gear after redeployment or provided high-end technical support in the field” — a serious underestimation.
US Army to halt WIN-T — its battlefield network backbone
Delivery of the Army’s highly controversial Warfighter Information Network-Tactical system will come to a halt in order to reboot the service’s entire tactical network so that it can operate against threats emerging on the battlefield.
Army making good on plans to streamline networks
The effort to update mission command network software and hardware across the Army, Army Reserve and Army National Guard, set to begin later this year, should impact some 400 units by the time it’s completed in 2019.
Visualizing tactical networks
Soldiers test equipment for multi-domain combat and prepare to maximize its effect in dynamic battlefields during the two-week long Network Integration Evaluation that takes places annually at Fort Bliss outside of El Paso, Texas.
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