Missile Defense

Air Force space-based missile detection system passes test

The Space-Based Infrared System (SBIRS) has passed a key developmental test.

SBIRS, designed to detect a nuclear missile attack, passed the Block 10 Integrated Test and Evaluation (IT&E) Readiness Soak. The 14-day test "demonstrated total system readiness and stability for IT&E start," said an Air Force Space and Missile Center news release. "It included complete command and control and mission management of the full constellation, and full operational crew posture and execution of operations for the final dependability and maintainability assessment prior to IT&E.  This event not only tested total system readiness, but also demonstrated that operational crews have enough confidence in the system to run live operations."

Block 10 consolidates operational command and control of Defense Support Program satellites, the Air Force said. It also improved missile warning and detection.

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