Angry Kitten is a next-generation EW technology that both jams and mimics a broad range of electronic attack systems. It utilizes digital radio frequency memory, which provides superior results than more common techniques such as deploying chaff material or emitting electromagnetic signals. The system also includes cognitive learning algorithms so the jammer can learn the signal environment and respond to advanced opposing technologies.

The system is built using open-architecture approaches that are lower in cost and easier to implement and maintain, and an advanced system prototype is being used in exercises with the military today.

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Roger Dickerson, senior research engineer with the Sensor and Electromagnetic Applications Laboratory at the Georgia Tech Research Institute, accepted the award.

"Despite having an admittedly slightly silly name, Angry Kitten represents very serious technology," Dickerson said. "We've been working hard to improve the capabilities and the readiness of the war fighters in our sponsor organizations: the Army, the Navy and especially the U.S. Air Force air combat community."

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