The Enterprise Network Unification Plan 2014-2017 is designed to provide a common network from fighting hole to flagpole for the Marines. It coordinates the unification of the former contractor network, the Marine Corps Worldwide network, and various command-based networks into a single Marine Corps Enterprise Network environment.

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These efforts provide a platform that can support deployment of Marine Air-Ground Task Forces and ensure continuity of information. The unification plan also provides the Marine Corps a Joint Information Environment-compliant enterprise network by retiring ATM circuits in favor of digital MPLS routers.

Accepting the award was the director of C4 and CIO BGen Kevin Nally, along with Col Dave McMorries, C4 Network Plans & Policy Division chief, and Karl Hartenstine, C4 current operations IT supervisor.

"On behalf of the Marine Corp C4 and CIO we're honored to accept this award," said Nally. "I personally want to thank these two gentleman [(McMorries and Hartenstine)] because when we decided to do this in support of the JIE about four-and-a-half years ago they are the ones who are responsible [(for the implementation)], and I personally go by every day that I'm in the office and check on their health to make sure they're OK."