A new tool to help soldiers better manage the spectrum

L3Harris wants to make it easier for soldiers to communicate in a world congested by the electromagnetic spectrum.

The company’s HalconLink solution, unveiled at the annual AUSA conference Oct. 14, cancels out digital interference, allowing soldiers to communicate clearly by radio.

“At times, you’ve had to choose between being able to do your EW mission and being able to do your tactical comms. We had to make that choice," Ross Sneary, advanced programs engineer at L3Harris, told C4ISRNET Oct. 14. "This allows you to do both,”

Essentially, the system cuts out the friendly interference created when the electronic warfare platform in a vehicle is turned on allowing soldiers across great distances to maximize use of the spectrum.

In future conflicts, Army leaders expect the spectrum will be of greater importance and that adversaries will increase their jamming efforts.

“This allows you to use more of [the electromagnetic spectrum],” Sneary said. “You get access to more of it because you can put things closer together in frequency than you could before. You can put more things out there and in the past you would have trouble. You put more things out there, you’re using more RF systems that are out there, the interference between them would cause a problem.”

Sneary said while the system is in the early research, development and prototyping phase currently, the company has completed field tests with Army units.

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