This event took place on September 22, 2020.

Each of the service hopes to develop and deliver software that adopts the best practices from industry. The Naval Information Warfare Systems Command has started its own version of such tools, which they have dubbed software armories. In 2019, leaders in San Diego kicked off the Collaborative Software Armory (CSA), the cloud-enabled DevSecOps digital environment that facilitates rapid delivery of software applications to the warfighter. The Air Force has established its Kessel Run office, the Army said in May it would create its own software factories and the Marine Corps has already started with such factories for business applications. During this webcast, we explored the problems with software development the Department of Defense faces today, how software factories could get newer iterations of technology to the war fighter faster and how these factories will evolve in the near term.

Removing Stovepipes, Software Armories - 09.22

Guest Speakers:

  • Delores Washburn, Chief Engineer, Naval Information Warfare Center Pacific San Diego, California
  • Dave Erickson, Director of Solutions Architecture – Federal, Elastic