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State of Cyber with Bobbie Stempfley
Bobbie Stempfley, former DHS deputy assistant secretary for cybersecurity strategy and emergency communications, has a new role as director of Carnegie Mellon CERT. She joins us live to talk about the state of cybersecurity in government and the private sector.
Profiles in cyber: Understanding the US's major adversaries in cyberspace
We build on previous reports, drawing from recent congressional testimony, published cybersecurity research and expert commentary to create a concise introduction and convenient reference to the distinct motives, narratives, strategies, capabilities and operations of each of major nation-state threat actor.
Cyber priorities in Trump's 2018 budget
Former DHS acting Under Secretary for Management Chris Cummiskey on what President Trump's budget proposal has in store for cybersecurity and operations.
Army Cyber School evolves to better prepare soldiers [Video]
The Army Cyber School, a subordinate command to the Cyber Center of Excellence, has made significant progress training soldiers serving in the Cyber Mission Force. Training a force to operate in cyberspace, a significantly more complex and dynamic environment than other domains, has caused substantial changes in how the Army views traditional training models.In order to provide high-quality training the school grew from 65 personnel authorizations in 2016 to 137 instructors and support personnel authorized today. These changes permit the Army to develop better prepared soldiers that can maintain a high state of readiness needed to deter and defeat adversaries of the United States.
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