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Can data be secured while it’s being worked on?

Galois has been awarded a $1 million Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity contract.

Under the contract with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, Galois will "explore the feasibility of securing data while it is being computed on through the use of fully homomorphic encryption (FHE)," according to a company news release.

"While strides have been made to date in protecting data in transit and data at rest, it has proven far more challenging to protect data while it is being computed on — which is often done between multiple parties or in untrusted environments," Galois said. "Secure computing techniques such as fully homomorphic encryption offer the possibility of general computing on data while it remains encrypted. Practical and easy to use FHE would lead to a sea change in computing. For example, it would enable computation to be outsourced to untrusted computing resources such as cloud-based servers while guaranteeing the privacy of data used in that computation."

Galois and its partner, the New Jersey Institute of Technology, will also work on the Rapid Machine-learning Processing Applications and Reconfigurable Targeting of Security project, which is meant to ease programming, optimizing compilers, and high-performance libraries for fully homomorphic encryption.

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