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NSA certifies Raytheon encryption

The NSA has certified Raytheon's KG-350 Ethernet encryption system for networks.

The Type 1 certification allows the KG-350 to be used to secure networks handing information up to top secret/sensitive compartmented information classification. Certification allows Raytheon to sell the encryptor to commercial, military and government customers immediately.

The KG-350 operates at 100 Mbps, 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps speeds. It can be used on tactical vehicles as well as fixed sites.

"The KG-350 expands Raytheon's leadership in the Layer 2 Ethernet encryption market, offering lower latency and higher throughput than current encryption technology," according to a Raytheon news release.

"Raytheon's KG-350 provides the world's fastest, highest-capacity networking system for secure communications," said John Droge, director of Raytheon Secure Information Systems. "Layer 2 encryption preserves bandwidth — increasing information throughput up to 45 percent — and enables uninterrupted real-time data, voice and video."

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