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Air Force IG's 'system of record' corrupted

Data in the Air Force's Inspector General Automated Case Tracking System database has been corrupted.

The Air Force was notified of the data corruption on June 6, by the contractor that administers the system, according to an Air Force statement issued June 10. "The Air Force launched an immediate investigation to determine the cause and is aggressively leveraging vendor and DoD capabilities to attempt to recover the lost data and determine the severity of the loss," the statement reads.

As the Air Force assesses the immediate impact of the loss, it is "experiencing significant delays" in handing IG and congressional inquiries, according to the statement.

The system is the IG's system of record, housing all records related to IG complaints, investigations, appeals and Freedom Of Information Act requests.

The Air Force provided no information about the cause of the data corruption. However, it isn't the first system recently that has experienced significant difficulty. The Air Force online portal for submitting requests was down for about four days in early May.

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