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Office of Naval Research eyes PaaS as big-data solution

Platform-as-a-Service is a subset of cloud computing that simplifies life-cycle management.

From building new applications to removing outdated ones, PaaS automates the many steps and functionalities associated with each phase of an application's life. PaaS also streamlines the distribution of patches, version updates and other routine maintenance services.

The big data and analytics capabilities of PaaS have attracted the interest of the Office of Naval Research (ONR) in Arlington, Virginia. "Over the next four years, ONR will be funding work in these areas and is very interested in ideas and capabilities from industry that can contribute to advancing our capabilities in these areas," said Wayne Perras, a program manager in ONR's C4ISR department.

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PaaS would help the military cut costs in three different ways, Perras said.

"First, PaaS makes more efficient use of compute and storage resources, requiring less physical compute resources than would be required in non-PaaS conditions," he said.

PaaS capabilities can be managed by a small number of administrators across the entire military enterprise, he added, instead of requiring PaaS administrators at every system and site.

"Third, operating PaaS capabilities at the enterprise level eliminates all of the variations of local platform implementations that leads to software inconsistency and large levels of software and data incompatibility," Perras said.

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