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How big data helps in cybersecurity

Big data systems will become increasingly important in cybersecurity, as network monitoring, fraud detection and security analytics grow in demand in 2015, according the BAE Systems Applied Intelligence segment.

Big data has grown in popularity in business and government. Now, said BAE's Scott McVicar, "We are now entering a maturing phase of the lifecycle, with competing platforms, support services, and a strong market for developers, data scientists and administrators."

McVicar, managing director of cyber security at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, said 2015 will be "crunch time" for big data, as organizations that have invested in it demand to see it demonstrate its value.

"Use-cases such as network monitoring, fraud detection, and security analytics will be popular – driven by the increasing overlap between cyber threats and other risks and more focused board-level attention on managing cyber security across the business," McVicar said.

His remark came in course of an article posted on BAE's website laying out the division's top five predictions for the coming year. The others:

  • Fragmentation of cyber criminal activities will pose new challenge to detection and investigation.
  • We will enter a period of 'hyper regulation.'
  • The arrival of the next industrial revolution will be accelerated by building in security from the start.
  • The art of attribution will be impacted by deception efforts.
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