BAE Systems unveiled the iMOTR, an innovative multiple-object tracking radar, at the Space and Missile Defense Symposium on Aug. 8 in Huntsville, Alabama.

The mobile radar uses C- or X-band active electronically scanned array antennas to track anything that flies close to the ground. In addition, the radar system is equipped for high-precision time, space, and position information data on objects that fly above it.

“Our iMOTR solution is inexpensive compared to the legacy multiple-object tracking radar systems currently in use on test ranges,” acting president of BAE’s Intelligence and Security division Mark Keeler said in a news release.

Keeler added that the technology delivers “the enhanced radar performance capabilities necessary to meet today’s test range requirements” while also reducing the operation and sustainment costs associated with enhanced radars.

“The successful design of iMOTR leveraged industry advances in performance, availability, and affordability for both hardware and software,” Keeler said in the release. “It will deliver a multiple-object tracking radar solution best matched to meet the ever-increasing demands of test and evaluation ranges worldwide.”