WASHINGTON — U.S. Special Operations Command awarded CACI International Inc. a contract worth up to $373 million for geospatial intelligence expertise, the company announced Monday.

The single-award contract, issued in April, covers services over the next eight years. CACI’s geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) experts will provide joint analytic support services to USSOCOM, while the company’s system engineers will help maintain and evolve the command’s information infrastructure. According to the original request for proposals, the contract will provide USSOCOM with personnel capable of processing, exploiting and disseminating traditional and nontraditional data intelligence.

“Full lifecycle GEOINT expertise, a unique offering provided by CACI, will apply to all phases of processing intelligence, including the immediate reporting, corroboration, and contextualization of data,” the company said in its statement. “Meanwhile, CACI will update and maintain SOCOM’s geospatial architecture infrastructure and tools to ensure intelligence data is correctly and efficiently distributed to analysts.”

CACI has provided these services to USSOCOM since 2016, when it secured the Joint Geospatial Analytical Support Services (JGASS) contract worth up to $179.9 million over five years. That contract was initially awarded in 2014 but was held up due to a protest. After corrective action was taken, USSOCOM re-awarded the contract to CACI. The $373 million contract awarded in April is a follow-on known as JGASS II.

Nathan Strout covers space, unmanned and intelligence systems for C4ISRNET.

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