NGA appoints new deputy associate director for operations

WASHINGTON ― Robert Cardillo, the head of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, has appointed Brett Markham as the NGA west executive and deputy associate director for operations.

Markham will take over at agency’s west branch in St. Louis, assisting with the integration of NGA’s activities across the western United States. According to an NGA press release, Markham will oversee the NGA Operations Center, the Office of NGA Defense, the Office of Expeditionary Operations, an NGA leadership at the three National Reconnaissance Office Aerospace Data facilities.

“I know [dual-hatting] is a departure from past practices, but I strongly believe it reflects how the position and our leadership structure has evolved,” Cardillo said. “[Brett] knows the mission, the workforce and the community.”

Prior to this appointment, Markham served as the agency’s director of analytic operations in the analysis directorate. Over the course of his 28 year naval career Markham served in various analytic, staff and leadership positions that included five strategic deterrent patrols, three carrier deployments, and service at three Combatant Commands and the Joint Staff. Markham also served as the deputy director of intelligence for North American Aerospace Defense Command and the United States Northern command.

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