Terror attacks? There’s an app for that

Want instant alerts of terror attacks? TerrorMate is the world's first encrypted terrorism alert app for smartphones, according to developer Defense Trading Solutions.

TerrorMate features mobile-to-mobile encrypted instant messaging, terror alert and attack geolocation.

"TerrorMate alerts users to both possible and actual terror attacks and provides information on how to stay safe in the affected area," said a company news release. "The app sends out real-time advisories and intelligence in short format updating the user on events as they happen. It utilizes the users' geolocation to deliver information tailored to each users' location, with alerts appearing within five minutes of an attack or alert. In addition, users are able to upload real-time media of the attack or suspicious activity and send anonymous tips as well as share information with their friends and family with the TerrorMate trusted contacts feature."

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