What connects technology to humanity? Curiosity.

That was the theme of CSRA’s 2018 Super Bowl commercial that aired during Sunday’s halftime show.

The advertisement from CSRA, a company that provides information technology services to the U.S. government, features a series of adorable kids asking child-like questions about the world around them. As the 30-second commercial comes to an end, it offers a thesis- “Today’s curiosity drives tomorrow’s progress.”

The new CSRA commercial is a departure from the traditional IT advertisement model, which tends to boast capabilities, achievements and fast-paced music. By focusing on the human side of the process, the company hopes to illustrate humanity’s role in driving technological ingenuity.

CSRA is a familiar face for the defense tech community. In June 2017, the company was awarded a $143 million contract from the U.S. Marine Corps to provide the service with advanced IT services. In November 2016, CSRA won a task order to develop a cyber defense strategy for various offices within the Department of Defense.

“Ultimately what we are trying to do is enable the mission of government, and that ultimately serves human beings,” Jay Hauck, CSRA’s chief marketing officer, said, according to Meritalk. “So, all this technology we are talking about [is being deployed] to help enable humans to do their jobs better to help other humans.”

This isn’t the first time CSRA has made a television appearance during the Super Bowl. In 2017, the company ran an ad with a similar humanistic theme, titled “Think Next. Now.” That commercial highlighted the extraordinary teamwork that ultimately empowers technological innovation.

“The great thing about the Super Bowl is people watch for the ads. People will be paying attention,” Hauck said about the company’s 2018 commercial.

The 2018 CSRA Super Bowl advertisement aired in the Washington, D.C. metro region and select markets across the country, including Tampa, Oklahoma City, Okla., Montgomery, Ala., and San Diego. It was created and produced by D.C. based digital brand management company, RepEquity.