The Department of Defense awarded Harris Corp. a $45 million contract to provide the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) with a joint service command and control system of systems in an effort to update the force’s outdated service specific systems, according to a Jan. 19 announcement.

The Global Command and Control System, dubbed “Maritime”, will provide “information integration and dissemination” to a series of Philippine headquarters. The new system will allow the leaders there to greatly expand their ability to form and maintain a national common operational picture.

The contract qualifies as a foreign military sale to the Philippines. Under such sales, the U.S. government enters into a relationship with a foreign government at the behest of the Secretary of State. The Secretary of Defense oversees the program’s execution.

Harris Corp. will preform work on the project in Rochester, New York and various locations in the Philippines. The program is expected to be completed by December 2020.